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[2018] June The Girl: „Same is a true story, which I want to share with the audience”

We extremely happy to kick off interview section, by conversation with Destination Eurovision contestant. Please meet June The Girl!

Hello June! Thank you so much for chance to talk with you. We will start our conversation with a little journey down memory lane! As I learned from some French articles about you: passion to music run through your veins from early age. It all comes naturally or somebody show you this magical world for which you want to find a keys?

Music started be my passion since I discovered Taylor Swift song Love Story. It happened when I was 14 and it changed a lot in my life! I want from that moment to create my own music by playing on guitar, and my first step was learning how to do all her songs from that album. It was true desire and I’m very happy that I found her music, because without her influence, maybe I won’t be there where I am now.

I absolutely adore the story standing behind you as an artist and probably my favorite part of this, is fact that you figuered it out what’s your next music steps on the time being on road from Guyana. How important for you as a musician and simply as an wonderful human being – were possibilities of traveling for some many places? Is it true that your mom are important part of make it happened?

Yes of course! My mother is very important person in my life. She’s my rock, source of inspiration and support on every decision which I made. I feel it from beginning so when I was young, I moved with her to all locations where she was actully working. It made some things difficult for me, mostly because I’m a shy girl. When you are child, you want to make new friends, this is why it sometimes wasn’t easy situation to get through. Nevertheless as a result of this journey, I’m became so much more open minded. I discover all this cultures and countries, and it so precious experience for me right now. World it’s absolutely interesting and wide connected, that’s why I’m so thankful to my mom for all this opportunities. I think she’s done so good job with raising me.

I definitely agree with many journalist and fans who describe your voice by words: sweet, attractive, tender or seducing. Are you beware in the past of all this advantages of your vocal?

To be honest with you… three or four years ago I wasn’t thinking that I have unique voice. I felt that it’s good, but I’m not believed that it have something made him more particular than the others. My producer, discovered me back then and changed my point of view. He’s simply made me confident with my voice and myself as a person. Fact he believed in me and all support which I received by this years, it was so important. I’m sure that without him, I can’t be here, I don’t have this whole universe open for me and any song ready to share with people. Everybody need to meet this kind of people, who will find on you something special, something about you which you should share with the world.

I fully agree with you! You choosed to be known and perform as June The Girl instead bringing your real name & surname. Why you decided to made this choice from both avaivable options?

I just want to protect my private life. Music world can be difficult place now with all power of social media and journalist. We artist are not only about making new music and presenting it, but also many times without permission sharing everything beneath it. I don’t want my career to be any problem for my family and friends, this is why I want to do my best to seperate this both worlds from each other.

Can’t go to the next question without asking about former first lady of your country. Do you treat comparision of your style to the music of Carla Bruni as a compliment? Do you see some similarities in your compositions?

(laugh) My God, Carla Bruni. Yes, I love her song (June start singing Pourtant quelqu’un m’a dit, Que tu m’aimais encore). I adore this song and to be honest, this is the only one song of her which I know. Yes, it’s very good compliment! She has a big career, she’s awesome, but I think also that she has so little smooth voice. I hope that mine is more powerful and strong, becauce it’s really hard to succeed right now without having this factors.

Finally whole France got a chance to meet you, when you’re participating in few talent shows. Unfortunately you’re not finish them as a winner, but I guess that you won’t forget this moments. What are the most important lessons which you received from this stage of your carrer? How you handle the fact that people on the street can recognize you and want to share with you support?

This TV shows are my first professional performances, so I learned so many things. I got to know new methods of takich care about my voice and all different factors connected with performing in front of people. It’s very very fast but good experience. As I know, this programs are not aired on TV now, this is why nobody recognize me when I’m walking on the street (laugh) It’s not a shock, but maybe it will changed soon, we will see (laugh).

Right now, we can bite the topic of Eurovision Song Contest. You beat at least 1500 songs to become part of Destination Eurovision. It’s so impressive! Do you recognize members of jury and artist who will be on the first semifinal with you? What do you think about all of this people?

Yes, I’m extremely fortunate to be selected. I know Amir because… everybody here knows him! Of course I recognize Christope Whillem and Isabelle Boulay but just because of their music, I don’t meet them personally. The same things goes with few artists like Malo’ or Nassi who will gonna be also part of this show. I’m very excited to finally meet them and discover new people. It’s gonna be great fun!

I need to ask about that: Are you a fan of Eurovision as general? Do you remember you heard about it for the first time?

I’m watching Eurovision since four or five years. I discovered this show for the first time when Emmelie De Forest perform song Only Teardrops. Oh my God, she was amazing and since this moment, I fell in love with that show! I also adore Margaret Berger performance with I Feed You My Love. This was great year and in general I can’t believe that I’m right now part of preselections. It’s a dream come true!

When somebody will ask you about your Top 3 songs choosen by France in the past and Top 3 favorite songs of all time at Eurovision – what’s gonna be your choices? 

To be honest, the only song which I loved from French entries is Amir one’s. I think that before him, France wasn’t choosen good song to Eurovision. In last two – three years things changed a lot. French people started to take care about this show, we select modern entries, so everything improved so much. When I need to select my top 3 Eurovision songs… I will definitely choose Emmelie song, Margaret Berger entry because I love electro elements hidden on this track and Frans song… I can’t remember name of his song (red. If I Were Sorry), but I really love his music, it’s really really good!

Time to fast forward to this very moment. Your song Same which we will heard in full version very soon, was created with help of Francois Welgryn, Antoine Essertier and DJ’s Huko. How this impressive collective of specialist became your supporters? When and how you meet them and start working with?

It’s very cool to colaborate with all this people. I’m very happy to meet simply accessible and talented personalities like them! Process of making song was so fast and easy, which I treat as evidence for my statement. I have pleasure to work with Antoine Essertier since 2015. If we talk about Francois Welgryn I met him in person for the first time after writing the song. Before that moment, we have a chance to talk by the phone and it’s really laughable moment! Huko it’s duet of two young and crazy talented man who I met on radio show which was recorded three months ago. It’s very fresh thing and I’m hope that we gonna collaborate not the last time.

If we talk about your Destination Eurovision entry: can you make a little spoiler for us and tell which song from your debut EP Nouvelle Star are the most similiar in style to your new track? Maybe it’s a mix of elements from all four? 

Same it’s different than this songs, because presence of Huko. They’re DJ’s group so song naturally got more electronic vibes. When me and my manager creating Nouvelle Star, we pursue strictly idea of developing pop project – so it’s slightly diffrent goal. Yes, it’s a mix of elements which you can hear on Silence, with this punchy pop from Flying Kisses. I see this composition as a electro-pop-rock song.

What story is hidden on the lyrics of your song?

Lyrics talks about bad love, moment when we stay with someone, but we’re not happy about it. Situation when we feel lost and still made a choice to be with that person, only to not be alone which can be really hard experience. This is a true story, because I write my own song and I want to share it with my audience. I think that some people can recognize their past or present on this text, because it’s very human thing to have this kind of internal conflict. This is why I’m happy to make song about this certain emotions.

You told us about Taylor Swift, but I read that Ed Sheeran songs are also very influencial for you. Could you bring some more names who music you adore? 

Yes, I love Ed music! I also adore songs from The Cranberries, Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Kate Perry… I love pop! I discovered electro with The Chainsmokers. I’m not big fan of French music, however I love Jain compositions. Also Dua Lipa which is for my kind of revolution. Oh my God, it’s so many of them…  and I’m so much closer to the American artists who I are listen everyday.

Unfortunately everything good comes to the end and this conversation right now too. I want to congratulate you once again become a part of this year French preselections, and I’m absolutely fall in love with you and your music coming from your EP. Hopefully we gonna met each other very soon, so this is not our last talk. Can you left few words for our readers and Polish fans of Eurovision who madly as I am – support you?

Of course! I want to thank you for all your compliments, amazing support and presence. I’m so thankful for you Eurovision fans, because it’s so exciting experience and it’s that good because you’re want to be huge part of this. You make me so happy and once again, I want to thank for all of this!