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[2019] Michela: „Truthfully doing what you love is something, I would gladly dare to dream about”

Thursday is the first day of the second series of rehearsals in Tel Aviv. However, this is also the moment when, as one of the few Eurovision media in the world, we share with you the conversation with the representative of Malta!

The questions were asked to the artist long before her coming to Israel and the rehearsals began at the EXPO Arena. That is why there were no accents in our conversation related to her first series of attempts or references to the next appearing live performances of Chameleon.

How you define the Eurovision? What does it mean for you personally?

This song contest is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, music televised events in the world of music. For me personally, it means a lot as this event meant that throughout the years, all my family gathered around the tv and watched the show together, and since I was very young I have very clear memories of the contest and what to expect. Needless to say, I never imagined I would be the one representing my country which is a massive honor, so I’m not taking it lightly even though I know my music journey has just started.

The slogan for the contest this year it’s: Dare to Dream. What do you dream about?

Success in music can be short-lived as we’ve seen throughout the years. Very few artists manage to evolve and maintain longevity in their career. That is something I dream of, cause truthfully doing what you love the most every single day of your life is something, I would gladly dare to dream about.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song and why?

Hadise’s Dum Tek Tek [Turkey, ESC 2009 – ed.]. It gives me a certain feel good vibe that only few songs manage to do.

How do you remember Your participation in the X Factor Malta?

One of the best moments of my life. The X Factor Malta was an incredible platform in which one I found a pool of professionals that helped me grow both as an artist and as a human being. The brand speaks for itself and I knew this wasn’t an ordinary tv format. There were no expectations – I gave my 100% and let the Judges, and later on the audience do the rest.

Do You think that this new format is better for Malta than the previous national selection – Malta Eurovision Song Contest?

X Factor Malta definitely had a structure which helped an artist grow throughout the weeks, this only helped a person, in this case, me, feel prepared for the intensity which the music industry brings with it. I guess the fact that all music productions, all the tuition, extras, professional help and the actual show for each song were financially covered by the production, meant that different to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the artist didn’t have to pay for anything. That surely opened doors to many aspiring artists who might have been able to afford such opportunities in the past. I think that’s what X Factor is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, well known with the public, or a raw diamond in desperate need of mentoring, you stand a fighting chance to build up a music career.

What’s the story behind Chameleon

The ability to adapt to whatever circumstances life throws at you.

Do You find yourself inside the lyrics of Chameleon?

Of course, especially in lines: Give me water I’m a swimmer, give me fire I’m a fighter, give me love I’m your lover!

Do You think that the women can be called chameleons (They can change like the weather) or it’s more personal and it doesn’t depend on the gender?

It’s a personal thing. I don’t agree with this gender labelling and general labelling of things. 

There’s an interesting story about the title of your song. Three years ago Ira Losco who was the representative of Malta in 2016 supposed to sing a song Chameleon, later it was changed to Walk on Water. What do You think about it? Is it a coincidence that Your song has the same title?

Pure coincidence but being associated with Ira Losco is always an honor! 

There are the people who find a bit of Dua Lipa vibes in your song Chameleon and some people also compare your vocal to this singer. What do you think about it?

Compared to an artist like Dua Lipa is an honor and I dream of doing the things and having the achievements this artist already collected. Needless to say, I am Michela and each artist has his or her own style and way of delivering.

What are your next musical plans for near future (except the ESC)?

Music it’s my life. I will keep giving my 100% and hopefully evolve as an artist by being true to myself. And my plans? Release my EP/album!

Do You watch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? What do You think about Roksana Roxie Węgiel and her winning song of last year – Anyone I Want To Be? 

Yes, I do. Roxie… Amazing artist, if guided well, she has quite a future ahead of her! Good luck.

What do You think about the winning song from last year Toy? Was it a good choice?

Unique and catchy, a definite winner.

Have you already listened to other songs of this year? Do You have your favourites?

I listened to all the songs and don’t have a particular favorite. We are all artists sharing our experiences in our very own unique way.