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[2019] Viki Gabor: „The Junior Eurovision Song Contest has always been and still is my biggest dream”

The moment awaited by many Eurovision fans has arrived… Poland has chosen its representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Gliwice! The Polish song will be performed by Viki Gabor – the winner of this year’s preselection format.

We invite you to our interview with Viki Gabor – a huge fan favorite and winner of Polish preselection made straight after the final of the Szansa na Sukces.

You are a finalist of The Voice Kids and at the same time an example that you don’t need to win a talent show to achieve success. Do you feel like a winner today, despite the fact that you didn’t get the winner’s trophy?

Yes, I can say that I feel like a winner. The fact that I was among the three finalists of The Voice Kids is a great opportunity and a big victory for me.

If you look at yourself from the distance, what kind of differences do you see between Wiktoria from before the participation in The Voice Kids and Viki today? What has changed in you – internally, in terms of your vocal skills, the way of looking at the world, your plans or dreams?

The fact that somebody appreciated my talent made me feel more confident today, more fulfilled. Singing is everything to me, so every time I go on stage, all my dreams come true anew.

Tell us something about your musical adventure from before the participation in The Voice Kids?

Music and singing have always been present in my home, so this artistic atmosphere has always accompanied me.

You were growing up in different cultures. You were born in Germany, growing up in the UK for a few years and now you live in Poland. Which place is the culturally and musically closest to you?

I am Polish, I feel Polish and Polish culture is the closest to me. On the other hand, the fact that I lived in Great Britain made that I knew English very well and feel fluent in it.

We are waiting for your album. I know that you created a few songs with your sister. Tell us something more about it. How do you define yourself musically, which music genre is the closest to you and what kind of songs do you want to create in the future?

I like pop music the most, but soul and R&B are also close to me. I would love to my debut album in which I could connect these three styles of music and to include songs that I created with my sister. This is my big dream.

Tell us about your concert tour with guys from Bars and Melody. Do you listen to their songs in your free time? Which song from their repertoire is your favorite and why?

I really like the boys from Bars and Melody, I follow their music career, and the opportunity to perform in front of them on the stage as the support is a great honor for me. My favorite song from their repertoire it’s Unconditional. I really liked the live performance of this song, which I could hear during their concert tour in Poland.

Tell us something more about your cooperation with Melo.Kids, Skytech and Shanguy who created remixes of your single Time. Which remix is your favorite?

Cooperation with these artists was a big pleasure and a great musical adventure for me. I am very happy that I had such an opportunity. It’s difficult to choose one remix because each of them has its own unique style and I just like them all.

What’s your musical inspiration?

My idols and musical inspirations are Ariana Grande and Jessie J.

How long have you been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Do you watch them every year?

I am a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contests and it has always been my biggest dream to perform in this great musical event.

This year’s slogan of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest it’s: Share the Joy. What does this slogan mean to you? What brings you joy in your life?

(laughs) This question is very simple. Singing gives me the greatest pleasure and joy in my life, as well as the opportunity to share it with the world. I love it!

What do you dream about? Who would you like to be in the future?

I would like to become a singer as great as Ariana Grande.

Tell us about your impressions, memories, and feelings related to participation in the Szansa na Sukces. How does the competition look backstage and your point of view? Tell us something more about your song from the final and what’s the message of this song?

I am glad that I could take part in the Szansa na Sukces. There was really no tough competition between us. We were all there because we love music and singing, and we just do what we like. The song Superhero talks about saving the world and that together we have the strength to do it.

What the participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest means to you? What would you like to achieve by representing Poland in the competition? Do you have an idea for your dream staging and costume?

The participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be my biggest dream come true! I would like to do my best, but I have no expectations. As for staging and stage costume – yes, I have some dreams or ideas, but I would not like to reveal anything yet.

How do you feel being able to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is organized here – in Poland? What does this mean to you?

Wow, I’m so happy! I don’t know what to say. I am very pleased. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and gave me this unique opportunity. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest has always been and still is my biggest dream. It is a great honor to represent Poland, especially since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is organized in Poland and we are its host thanks to the victory of Roksana Węgiel. And of course, because of that, all this thing becomes even more important.