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[2019] Eliana Gomez Blanco: „Be positive and never give up!”

We are pleased to share with you our next, fourth interview from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (Gliwice 2019) series. Now it is time for the representative of Malta – the young and talented Eliana Gomez Blanco, a teenager who can already say proudly about over an eight-year musical career in her biography.

In the interview also a small bonus for the fans of Harry Potter 😉

You are so young but your music journey is already really long and full of details. Can you tell us the most important and interesting moment in your music career from your point of view?

I cherish all of the 8 years I’ve been singing as they made me who I am today. One of my highlights is when I achieved a distinction in ‘grade 8 rock and pop vocal exam’, but the most rewarding and exciting moment is when I was announced the winner of Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Tell us about your participation in The Entertainers Singing Challenge and Ghanja tal-Poplu Zghazagh and something more about this formats themself?

The Entertainers Singing Challenge is a local television program in which singers compete by singing a cover version song accompanied by a local band. It was an amazing opportunity in which I learned how to work with both a live band and cameras! I also competed in the Għanja tal-Poplu Żgħazagħ 2018 with two songs: Kliem as a soloist and Dwell as a duet. I placed 2nd with Kliem in my category and 1st and overall with Dwell.  More over, this was an amazing opportunity as I sang with a live orchestra.

© (Eliana Gomez Blanco) Facebook

You made a few covers (All That Jazz and Back It Up) in which we can find the references to 1940s, 1950s or 1960s. Are you interested in this decades? Do you like the kind of fashion from then?

I think every era is very distinctive yet interesting when it comes to the music industry. Even though I was born in 2005, I still enjoy listening to songs from the 19th century. Regarding fashion, although I appreciate the very unique style of every decade, I don’t think that it fits in this day and age as fashion trends are changing constantly.

How do you define yourself musically, which music genre is the closest to you and what kind of songs do you want to create in the future? Do you wanna make the music inspired by the past?

I think that I am a very versatile solo artist. I try to switch from one style to another, as I believe that adapting my voice will help me as an artist. With that said, I’m till not sure on what my favourite genre for original material is. Yet, it would be very interesting if it is influenced by music in the past.

What’s your musical inspiration?

Harry Styles definitely influenced my musical career. His genre is unique and his songs are tuneful. He is also an inspiration because he puts a lot of hard work and dedication in his musical career which allowed him to succeed in the well-known boy band One Direction as well as a solo artist.

In August you made a cover of the song Proud – the Macedonian Eurovision entry from 2019. Tell us something more about it. Where did you sing it? And why did you decided to perform with this song?

The moment I heard this song I fell in love with both the melody and lyrics! One of the main reasons I chose to cover this song was because of the strong message it has evokes. I competed with this song in a festival held in Northern Macedonia, in which I placed first.

© (Eliana Gomez Blanco) Facebook

How long you’ve been interesting in the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Do you watch them every year?

I have been a fan of  both the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contest for as long as I can remember. Every year I  watch them and hope that one day I will be the person representing Malta. Winning the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest is one dream coming true! 

Tell us something more about your participation in Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 and 2019. How do you remember it? Why did you decide to take part in it? Can you compare both of your performances?

In 2018, I took part with an original song called Music Takes Control while this year I competed with a cover of Sto Male. Both experiences where amazing and very fun! Last year’s song was very exciting and upbeat while this year, I think the song defines me more as a person and is very close to my heart!

What the possibility of representing your country in Junior Eurovision Song Contest means to you? What would you like to achieve in the contest?

As it has always been a dream of mine, I couldn’t be prouder to be waving Malta’s flag in Gliwice, Poland. As any other contestant, it would feel amazing to win, but my goal is the to do the  best that I can and hopefully make Malta proud!

Can you tell us some details about your Eurovsion song? Will you create it by yourself? Or maybe it is already written, then what is it about, what’s the message of this song?

The song We Are More  is written by Rachel Suter, Jonas Thander, Joe Julian Farrugia and Kevin Lee, and composed by Jonas Thander and Rachel Suter. I’m in love with the melody and most of all it’s message: urging youth to be positive and never give up! It is a two-language mix, English with some verses in Maltese, which makes it a bit more exciting!

This year’s slogan of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest it’s Share the Joy. What this slogan means to you? And what brings you the joy in life?

For me, share the joy means spreading my happiness on stage with the people watching, as well as enjoying my time with the other contestants. The three main roots that define my happiness are definitely my family, friends and music. They are all very important to me and I cherish them dearly.

What do you dream about? Who would you like to be in the future?

My dream is to succeed in the music industry and to make all of those people who support me proud! My mum forms a big part of my support system as she such a caring person.  She is my role model and I would like to grow up and follow her footsteps!

© (Eliana Gomez Blanco) Instagram

You are a big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies. Even on your Facebook we can read that you are a part of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Official). Tell us your fandom story. How long you are the fan? How did it start? Why the Ravenclaw is your favourite house? Who is your favourite character and why? Would you like to be a wizard? Do you belive in magic?

It started about three years ago when I was 11 years old! My cousin and I wanted to watch a movie and we decided to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! I immediately became obsessed, I watched all of the movies and read all the books! I even have a Harry Potter Collection Room in my house! Ravenclaw house’s traits describe my personality more than those of the other house’s. I think it would be really cool to be a wizard and go to Hogwarts and learn about magic and potions. Magic is a big part of my fantasy world and I most definitely enjoy reading about it.