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[2019] Carla: „I hope to be able to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest”

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq… It is time for the fifth interview with the participants of this year Junior Eurovision Song Contest! We invite you to read our conversation and meet closer one of the favourities in the contest – Carla.

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How do you remember your participation in The Voice Kids? What’s your musical adventure from before the participation in this TV show?

The Voice Kids has been an incredible adventure for me where I could make wonderful encounters and meet new friends. It’s an adventure that taught me a lot and helped me a lot in my music career. I started singing at the age of 5. My whole family make music. My mother is a singing teacher. For me singing is a real passion and I would love to become a singer since I remember.

Tell us more about your musical adventure with your band Les Petites Canailles.

With my group, we mainly sing the biggest hits of the 60’s and it started, wealso made our own album with songs like this. We met each other in the season 5 of The Voice Kids and we are friends from then.

Tell us something more about your first album recorded with them. Which song from this LP is your favourite and why?

In this album I really like all the songs but if I had to choose my favorites it would be: J’attendrai  because it’s a beautiful song with great emotions in it and also Les Marionnettes because it’s a song that moves a lot.

Do you wanna be a solo artist in the future or you see yourself as a part of the band (Les Petites Canailles or another)? Why?

I wish I could make a solo career, it’s really a dream for me! I would love to be able to do a solo album in the future! But I would also like to continue having fun with my band Les Petites Canailles.

How do you define yourself musically, which music genre is the closest to you and what kind of songs do you want to create in the future? Do you wanna create songs in French or English language?

I really like songs that move but I love also the songs with emotions because I like it when I can tell a story to the public. In the future I would like to be able to create songs in both English and French.

What’s your musical inspiration?

My musical inspiration is Beyonce. She is an artist that I admire enormously when she makes a show. She dances, she sings and singing and dancing are my two passions. I really would like to make a career as she does, very very much. It’s my dream!

What do you dream about? Who would you like to be in the future?

As I said in the previous answers I would like to be able to make a solo career in the future – it’s one of the biggest dreams for me!

This year’s slogan of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest it’s: Share the Joy. What this slogan means to you? And what brings you the joy in life?

I find this slogan really great. I really like to share the joy and of course it’s a phrase that brings us joy. My family, people around me, singing, dancing – this all bring me the joy in my everyday life.

Can you tell us some details about your Eurovsion song? Did you create it by yourself? What is it about, what’s the message of this song? What do you like about it?

My song was written by Barbara Pravi and Igit. It is the story about a girl who falls in love for the first time and has trouble with understanding her feelings. It’s a very fun song. I’m proud to be able to represent France at the Junior Eurovision with my song Bim Bam Toi.

Do you have an idea for your dream staging and costume for Junior Eurovision Song Contest? I know you will perform with dancers.

Yes, I will have 4 dancers with me: Albane, Louella, Lohane and Sherren. They are the dancers of the team Sabrina Lonis. It is always a little secret and surprise how it will be with the staging and the costume but I am really impatient to let you discover the whole thing.

Are you a dancer? I saw on your Instagram a little video with a little improvisation to the song Be Alright by Dean Lewis.

Yes, I also practice dancing for 13 hours a week. I am in sports class studies. I really like doing small dance improvisations as you could see on my Instagram.

How long you’ve been interesting in the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Do you watch them every year?

Yes, I’ve watch the Junior Eurovision since a long time. For me it’s a dream of me as a little girl coming true. I still can not believe it, I’m so proud to be able to represent my country.

What the possibility of representing your country in Junior Eurovision Song Contest means to you? What would you like to achieve in the contest? Do you have a recipe to win it?

It’s really an honor for me to be able to represent my country. I hope to be able to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I wanna bring the proud for my country, my family, for my friends and for myself. But it will already be a great achievement for me just to participate in this amazing contest.