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[2020] Jaagup Tuisk: „Thank God I’ve had music then…”

We proudly present our newest interview with Jaagup Tuisk – the contestant of this year Eesti Laul. We invite you to the long, abundant and honest conversation with this young, talented and interesting artist.

► You want to see our conversation with Jaagup? Click HERE and enjoy our video!

I will start from a little bit philosophical question… Tell me, who is Jaagup Tuisk?

Well, Jaagup Tuisk… I guess I would say I’m an ordinary guy, I’m 18 years old, I’m a student. Right now I’m finishing school. And music has always been a big part of my life. I think I started singing when I was like 3 years old and it has always been in my family.

You have a lots of passions or hobbies, it depends how we will call them (music – making music, singing, playing many instruments, sport like surfing, making movies – shooting, acting, dancing…). Tell us more about, what’s the story behind them, how did you find them, what made you become interested in them, how did you learn all of it? Do you have your favourite one?

I guess I have a lots of different things that I love to do. I think the most important there is music and singing, I play a lot of different instruments. I think my main instrument it’s the piano. But I also know how to play drums and guitar and ukulele. From the other things I also do I love film making. So I made all of the music videos that are up on my channel. I love organising them and all the proces on the set. I am in from of the camera and then we do the take and I go behind the camera and look at it and then advise and see what can we do on the next one. I love the film making, I edit all of my music viedos and videos myself. If you ask where did I learn it… I think like mostly I learnt it through experience and on my own. Now there is YouTube so I learnt all of my film making skills basiclly from watching YouTube videos and learning from there. It’s also availiable nowadays. I like doing the extreme sports too like snowboarding, kite surfing, normal surfing and staff like that. I like going to the gym also. You can go there any time you want, that’s what I also like about it.

How do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years? Do you still look for your way in life and also for the new hobbies and passions or you already have found your way and it’s already everything?

I guess that’s a taugh question. Probably I think I wanna create my own company. I’d love doing that kind of staff. Maybe something in economy. I don’t know maybe I will be working in Netflix or something. But definitelly the music will always be a big part of my life, and I think I’ll have music but I think the best option will be to combain those different skills, like film making and music and leading and staff like that to maybe find this sybiosis. To do something like that, to combains those skills I think that would be the perfect option. 

On your Instagram we can find a little piece of the Sofia musical with the very female choreography and you dance it there with the girls and you are amazing. How did you do it? Was it difficult? Tell us something more about it?   

I love acting and I’ve been in a lot of musicals. Sofia was one of those musicals, it was in Estonian Musical Theatre. It was one of their pieces. Because of I’ve always loved dancing also, I was there the choreographer of a female girld band. I was the choreographer and then we had this big burlesque show where I had the opportunity to dance burlesque. I think that otherwise I would never dance the style like that but in the musical when I’m like a choreographer then it’s like totally OK. That’s what I love about acting too, you have the opportunity to play this different characters and experience this different skills and lern them.      

You took part in few talent shows. Which one of them you remember best? How do you rate them from time perspective?

I guess the first one was, when I was like 10 years old. Then I was in the Estonian Idol and I think that one had the biggest impact on my music career and it was really great experience to be in that show and the great opportunity to learn and improve myself.

Do you think this kind of talent shows are good to look for new talents and help them to achieve something big in the music industry?

Yeah, I think it’s definitelly a great opportunity for the young artists and maybe the artistst that hadn’t have really the chance to shine and it’s a great opportunity to show to the people who you are and what you can do.

Your story with music on your YouTube channel has started from covers of the popular songs written by you in Estonian language. It look so professional, the videos are not just amateurish or made by the laptop camera. Tell us something more about it. How did it start?

When I posted my first YouTube covers I thought about it and I wanted to create something that would like stand out from the thousends of covers that are already on YouTube and I think I saw people did Spanish covers, like Spanish version of songs and then I thouhgt it would be a good idea to do the Estonian version of different songs, because no one had done that in Estonia before. Then I took one of my favourites song that time – Attention and basically wrote it in Estonian and recorded it in my studio. Then was the whole music video and the choreography and staff I really love and I put it all together and that’s how it came to life.

All the covers and also you own songs on your YouTube channel before Beautiful Lie were in Estonian. Song from Eesti Laul is the first song in English there. Is there a reason your channel looks excatly like this or it’s a coincidence?

Well, I love Estonian, I love my language, it’s a really really beautiful language. But when I started wrting this song Beautiful Lie then I really felt that just like this song… I think I just knew at that time that this song needed to be in English. Because I felt that in English in the contecst of this song I just could express myself a little bit better. And that’s why I wrote it in English.

Tell us something more about your first music video and the cover of Attention. I can see some similarities between this music video and your newest video to the song Beautiful Lie. Especially the fragment with dancing, some parts of the choreography, all this climate, dark space, the red and white lights… Was it made in purpose or it’s only a coincidence?

Well, not really in purpose, because I think the important thing here it’s that I’ve always loved dancing and it’s always been a big part of my life, it’s basically in my blood, I’ve danced like from when I was like 3 years old and in my music videos I love that I get to film my dreams basically. Like in one of my music video I jumped with the parachute and in another one we had like 100 young dancers dancing this big musical choreography, so in my music videos I always do something that I love and this contemporary dance choreography that was in Beautiful Lie it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and something I would always loved. So I think when we started rehearsing and when we started planning the music video for Beautiful Lie then I already knew that I wanted to dance in it myself.

And the other similarities, all the climate, dark space, the red and white lights… Was it made also in purpose or it’s only a coincidence that this everything is that much similiar?

Yeah, I guess that’s because the kind of the vibes of the songs are the same, in the sense that they are both… I would say like dark songs and that’s why they needed those colours and the darkness.

What’s the story behind Beautiful Lie

I wrote the song on a really taugh period, a really taugh time in my life. It was almost like exactly a year ago when I wrote the song. And with this song I really… when I first wrote it, it was really just for mylesf, for myself and the person I wrote it to. I really put all of my like heavy emotions and the raw emotions in this song. And… thank God I’ve had music then to put my emotions into the song, because I think that otherwise I could have exploded. Because I had this pain inside me that I needed to just put into the music and tahnkfully I did that. And everytime I sing my song and sing those lyrics then it always like touches me and it always makes me… it takes me back to the time when I wrote it, when the pain was real.   

How do you define yourself musically, which music genre is the closest to you and what kind of songs do you want to create in the future? Do you wanna make songs in Estonian or English language?

I think it’s hard to choose between Estonian and English. Probably me next songs will be in English, because from that same period that I had Beautiful Lie I have a lot of different songs… You know, love is basically like a roller coaster, it goes up, yeah… it has ups and downs. And I have a lot of different styles and a lot of different kinds of music from that period. And that basically like almost all in English. So, the next songs that will be realising, they’ll probably be in English. And my style I think it’s kinda hard to put it in words or to clue it all together, I think I’m still like searching for my own style but my next song will defferentiate between different styles. Probably the next one will be like a little bit faster, a little bit more up-beat, but it will still have the same like dark vibe.  

Do you have some musical inspirations?   

Yeah, of course yeah. Definitelly Ed Sheeran has a big influence on me, Charlie Puth he’s like one of my favourite artists, I love that he also writes his own songs, and then he records them and produces them himself and that’s how I do it, so I really like his style and the fact that he does it all by himself. And I like the song Attention too, I think it’s a freaking masterpiece, how it is, that the bassline and everything and the fact is that the baseline isn’t even the real basses, he played it on the keyboard, it’s so cool.    

Why did you decide to take part in Eesti Laul 2020? What was the reason?

As I told you before I wrote this song for basically only myself and I had no intention of actually releasing it. But then I showed the song to my friends and at first I really taught that it was for really certain type of the people because the song is different from the all usual pop songs or radio songs and Eurovision songs. It’s different, it’s like alternative genre and I didn’t know what to expect when I showed it to my friends and it was a really big surprise for me that they loved it and that they felt it and that they were moved by it I guess, and it was a really big surprise for me. And then one of my friends suggested…, asked me like: Why are you not sending this to Eesti Laul? And then I thought about it and then I looked at the time and it was almost in the through minute times on. And then I thought like, what the heck, I coudl try. And I had like no expectations or anything about the song when I send it to Eesti Laul because as I sad it’s a really different song, it’s different from the usul Eurovision songs. So it was a really big suprise when it got into the semi-finals.

Could you tell us any details about your future Eurovision performance in Eesti Laul? Are there already some ideas? What can we expect on the stage?

Of course we have ideas and we’re already rehearsing and staff, but I think I’ll keep that one a secret and you have to see for yourself.

Can we know who is in your team? Who support you with the staging and everything about the Eurovision and Eesti Laul of course?

Basically all of my team are my really good friends and that’s another thing that I love about my projects is that all of my friends that I got too. I have such talented and good friends that they help me to create this projects and this music videos and whatever. And I’m really really thankful for them. And basically my Eesti Laul team are my friends.     

How would you define the Eurovision? What is it for you personally?

I would define it as I think the greatest opportunity for singers around the world to come together and perform together and probably it’s one of the biggest if not the biggest show in the whole world where the countries send their best performers to come togehter and sing. I think that’s really honourable and really awesome I guess and for me personally it seems like a really really big opportunity to share the stage with the biggest and most talented artists in the world. And on the other side is definitelly a big responsibility to the country that you are in front of I guess.  

How long have you been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you watch it every year?

If I’m beeing honest with you, then I can’t say that… I mean I’m preety young, I’m 18 years old, I don’t think that I like watched all the show every year but I have watched like most of the performances and then most of the countres and their songs afterwards as a videos and I take the inspiration from there, from their performances and that’s another think I love, then I find the coolest and the most awesome songs I guess from there.   

What’s your favourite Eurovision song and why?

I would say Heroes. I think that it’s just such a good song and it really gets you and it puts you into it. And I also like perfomed Heroes in the Estonian Idol so I guess I have like a connection with it done in another level.

What do you think about the winning song from last year Arcade? Was it a good choice? 

It’s a really good song. I really like the powerfull ending that it had. Oh… and just on the side note. There has been a little controvesial I guess, like surounding my song and Arcade similarities. And the thing is that, when I’ve read the comments then it strucked me and then I was interested in like could it be that I heard Arcade and then maybe like had the inspiration after that. But then I looked it up and my first like voice memories on my phone, the first recordings of my song Beautiful Lie are recorded on 17th of February 2019 and if I’m correct then Arcade came out like in the beggining of March. So i’ts just… sadly it isn’t possible that I coulded heard it before. I recorded my own song.   

The slogan for the contest this year it’s: Open Up. What this slogan means to you?

I guess that’s exactly what I did this year. Because I had the courage to open up about something that’s so vulnerable to me, because I had to courage to open up and then share this song with the world because the song is really personal this year for me it’s really personal, and it’s really vulnerable and it’s a big step for me to have opened up about that and shared that song.

What do you dream about?

I would say that, I dream that my dreams will come true. I guess that’s maybe that simple as dance but it’s true. I think I set myself goals and then I try to achieve them, and you could call those dreams of course, I achieve them and then I set new goals and dreams. That’s how it should work.

You are by now one of the favourites artists to win your semi-final or even all the Eesti Laul. How do you feel with this kind of opinion and with such an opportunity to represent Estonia?

First of all I’m really glad that the people are connecting with my song and I really appriciate all of the feed back that they are giving me, it’s really awesome. Thank You! And on the other side like overall I know that it ultimately it comes down to Eesti Laul and my performance there. So I will definitelly work hard alongside my team in hopes to give you, to listeners and then the viewers, the best experience whilst enjoying it myself.