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[2020] NQ TOP 11 ● Elen Hâf

Sezon preselekcyjny 2019/2020 dostarczył nam wiele znakomitych utworów. W tej serii pochylimy się nad tymi, które ostatecznie nie wygrały ale według naszych redaktorów powinny być zapamiętane. Ostatnią już tabelę przygotowała dla was Elen Hâf!

Poniższa lista zawierać będzie dziesięć najlepszych zdaniem Elen piosenek + jedno honorowe wspomnienie czyli utwór, który był blisko znalezienia się na niej lecz zabrakło mu niewiele!

Uzasadnienia wyborów postanowiliśmy zaprezentować wam w oryginalnej wersji językowej. Dzięki temu będziecie mogli z większą łatwością zrozumieć przesłanie naszej koleżanki!

Honorowe Wspomnienie

🇸🇪 ● Robin Bengtsson Take A Chance

What I like about Robin is that he’s so cool and he always looks so comfortable while performing. I was not the biggest fan of the opening to the song, but I’m glad it gets better eventually. He fits the image that Sweden always tries to send to the contest. His vocals are flawless as always and the key of the song is perfectly suited for this voice. I like the different vibe it has to I Can’t Go On so we get to see Robin’s duality. The LEDs are so pretty and I like the simplicity of the staging. I wish there was a little more to the song itself, I feel like it’s missing just a little something.

Najlepsza Dziesiątka

🇸🇪 ● Anna Bergendahl Kingdom Come

The melody is quite simplistic, to begin with, but I like that the staging is very extra to make up for it. The lyrics are fun and cute. Her vocals never fail to complete the performance. She has such a pretty voice and it goes well with the song. I like the staging and how energetic it is. I think the song needs that bit of energy to give it a little bit of a push for it to be more exciting. I think the performance would’ve been a little flat without so much going on at once. It completes the package. I like the outfits they’re all wearing and how they play up to the aesthetic of the song.

🇳🇴 ● Sondrey Take My Time

This song is undeniably catchy. It’s memorable compared to some of the other MGP entries and it’s such a cool staging. I like the lights, I think they complete the staging aspect of the performance. His vocals are great. I’d have liked to have seen this go to Rotterdam, it’s really fun. He looks so cool when he’s performing and he has a great stage presence. It’s a funky song. I love the melody to it and the lyrics are quite decent, although they aren’t my favourite from all the songs. Overall, it’s a great entry.

🇸🇪 ● Dotter Bulletproof

Her OUTFIT! This is such a cute outfit anyway but the way it’s been worked into the staging is so cool. They’ve made the most of what they have. I think too much going on onstage would’ve taken away from the performance, but I think the lighting with the outfit fits the meaning of the lyrics so incredibly well and it’s so clever. My favourite staging of the entire season. Her vocals are also great and the melody is so easy to catch onto. I think this was overall a fantastic performance and deserved to win too.

🇦🇺 ● Didirri Raw Stuff

I think that Didirri has such a unique voice. There was nothing like it competing up against him and it’s nothing like anything they’re ever sent before, so I like that it’s something new. I like the staging, because it’s not over the top. I love that it’s a ballad. It’s a different style that Australia has sent before. I love that this song introduces a lot of new things to Australian entries. The lyrics are very unique and interesting. I love it. It’s also such a beautiful melody. I could see myself adding this to my playlist.

🇦🇺 ● Jaguar Jonze Rabbit Hole

This song has a very interesting staging. It would have been so cool to see this live and on a bigger stage. I like her style, it’s quite edgy and different. The lyrics are completely different to anything we have this year. Her vocals are very good, even though sometimes I don’t understand what she is saying, and I love the melody, it is so catchy. I like the brightness of the aesthetic and the staging. This is the type of song I would like to listen to regularly and would be a nice style in the contest, it’s unique.

🇳🇴 ● Akuvi Som Du Er

The staging is so energetic, it’s great to watch and it just makes you want to get up and dance. I like the choreography. I especially like that it’s not in English. I miss having a Norwegian entry in Norwegian, so it’s refreshing to see and I’m gutted that it didn’t win. I like the outfits and her vocals are great. The song is fun. It would have also been cool to see this be performed on the Eurovision stage. It’s very fun, catchy and very scandi pop which I love.

🇦🇱 ● Kamela Islamaj Me Ngjyros

The melody has such a soul mixed with James Bond vibe and it’s such an interesting mix. I like her outfit, it’s very unique and fun. Her vocals are so beautiful and work so well for the song. You can tell he has fun on stage and it makes it much more enjoyable to watch. The staging is phenomenal, I love the galactic theme that seems to be going on. I also like the orchestral accompaniment that goes with this song, although it’s already used by Sara, they use it in different styles and there’s no sense of similarity between the two. She makes this song and staging her own and I love that about it.

🇦🇱 ● Sara Bajraktari Ajer

This song is so incredibly beautiful. Sara is so beautiful, and she has such a dreamy voice to match. The melody of the song is so simple but it’s so elegant. I love her dress, it adds to the simplicity of the performance. I love the orchestral accompaniment she has, it’s so extra but remains simple. Everything works so well together, and nothing draws attention away from the music and the lyrics. She shows so much emotion on stage and it’s such a great way to connect the audience so what she is saying through the song.

🇦🇱 ● Elvana Gjata Me Tana

Her vocals are so strong and so beautiful. I love the ethnic vibe of this song and the way it’s being portrayed so modernly. I love staging. It’s so unique and fun. There’s a lot going on but it’s not too much. The sole attention is on Elvana despite all that’s going on. It’s so chaotic but in a good way. The melody is so pretty and the acoustic guitar that accompanies her works so well. The melody and the outfits are quite contrasting so it’s interesting that they work so well together. Her stage presence is so fun to see.


🇸🇪 ● Felix Sandman Boys With Emotions

I love Felix and I love this entry. I wish he would’ve won Melodifestivalen in 2018, I loved the song then. I’m glad he tried to come back, I wish this would have won too. The staging is so cool, and he performs so naturally. He’s such a talented performer and would’ve loved to have seen this win the whole contest this year because he just brings so much fun and energy onstage. The lyrics are great and it’s such a fun and memorable melody. The dancers complete the aesthetic for this performance.

Dziękujemy za lekturę tego artykułu! Był to ostatni z siedmiu tekstów TOP 11 stworzonych przez członków redakcji Destination Eurovision.