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[2020] Valentina: „No matter where and how, the important thing is that we will meet on November 29th!”

Time for the interview number four before the Grand Final tonight. Now it’s a turn for France and Valentina!

How do you define yourself musically, which music genre is the closest to you and what kind of songs do you want to create in the future?

I like a different style of music: I like great voices like Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston or Céline Dion but I also like rap!

Tell us more about your musical adventure with your band Kids United. You released few albums together. Which song from the albums is your favourite and why?

I joined the group Kids United in 2018, we recorded 2 albums and toured all over France, Switzerland and Belgium. My favorite songs from the last album are If I was President and Super Trooper. On November 20th we released an English single Take a stand for the ONU against child labor in the world. It’s a title that I love and which also corresponds to the values ​​that we have been defending for more than two years with UNICEF.

Do you wanna be a solo artist in the future or you see yourself as a part of the band (Kids United or another)?

I love singing with my friends from Kids United but of course I also dream of a solo career but if I know it’s difficult…

What’s your musical inspiration?

I live in a family where music is always present, it is undoubtedly what gave me the passion for music and for singing.

Who’s your musical idol and why? I heard your little covers of Ariana Grande songs on your Instagram. Is she your favorite artist?

Without a doubt the singer who inspires me the most for her universe and her great voice is Ariana Grande!

By Valentina’s Instagram

What’s the story behind your amazing cover of the song Shallow? Did you sing it at the airport?

Oh you know this video! I’m surprised! In fact we were coming out of a concert (I think it was in Toulouse) and we were going to take the plane back. In the hall there was a piano and our pianist, Romain Berrodier, loves to sit there and quite naturally I started to sing this Lady Gaga song that I really like and people stopped to listen to us. It was a little suspended moment.

What do you dream about? Who would you like to be in the future?

As I said before, I know that it is difficult to make a living from music so I continue to work well at school so that one day I can choose between a life of an artist and why not a life of a doctor because I like the idea of ​​being able to heal people.

Can you tell us some details about your Eurovsion song? Did you create it by yourself? What is it about, what’s the message of this song? Do you have some ideas for your staging and staging costume?

My song J’imagine is a song with a strong message. We, the youth, we must IMAGINE the world of tomorrow, a better world with more solidarity. In the difficult period that we are going through I immediately loved the positive and optimistic vibes of this song!

My scene for Eurovision will be like my very colorful song but I prefer to leave you a little surprised!

How long you’ve been interested in the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Do you watch them every year?

I knew Eurovision Junior thanks to Angelina who participated in the same season as me of The Voice Kids 4 and I know Carla well, who is my friend because we have the same manager.

For adult Eurovision, I think I started to watch the year Amir represented France, he’s an artist that I had the chance to meet and that I love! But of course I also knew the performances of Marie Myriam whose song we sang on stage with the kids, Patrick Fiori and of course the wonderful title Ne partez pas sans moi by Céline Dion!

What’s your favourite song from the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest and why?

For Eurovision it’s Ne partez pas sans moi by Céline and for Eurovision Junior Bim Bam Toi by Carla.

What the possibility of representing your country in Junior Eurovision Song Contest means to you? What would you like to achieve in the contest?

It is a great honor for me to have the chance to represent my country and, as they say, the important thing is to participate! I will try to give the best of myself and I will dedicate this song to my grandpa who passed away in August…

If you could <<Move The World>> and have some „magic power” – what would you do and where would you go – like any place in the world?

If I could <<Move the World>> and get where I want to go I would definitely go to Los Angeles, guess why?

How do you feel taking part in so different contest this year. Junior Eurovision had to change due to the pandemic. What’s you thoughts about it?

It’s already a great luck for all of us that the competition has been maintained… Of course I would have loved to travel to Poland and meet all the other candidates but you have to stay positive and tell yourself that no matter where and how, the important thing is that we will meet on November 29th!

Huge thanks for the chat Valentina!

Thank you very much for this very nice interview, good luck to everybody!